Send money internationally in 3 easy steps

You need to send money internationally and you don’t have the time to look everywhere to find the right information? We got you! Follow this three easy steps to transfer your money abroad in no time and at best conditions!


Step 1: know the basics

If you want money internationally you have two options:

– Your Bank
– A money transfer company

If you want to send money internationally quickly and at best price, option A, your bank, is surely not the best solution. Making an international transfer will take up to 4 days and you will be charged a lot of fees ( transfer fee, exchange rate fee, withdrawal fee).

What leads up to the second option, the money transfer companies. Those companies offer in general good service with low fees & quick transfer but should as airlines depending where and when you fly, the rates can change and makes an airline right for one destination but not another.

Step 2: Know your needs

Before choosing one or another money transfer company, you need to determine precisely your needs by answering to yourself these questions:

From which country you want to send your money?

To which country you want to send your money?

How do you want to receive your money?

Do you need your money quickly or are you willing to wait a little bit more if it is cheaper?

Step 3: Pick up the best option & send your money internationally

Now that you are all clear about your needs, the best way to choose the best transfer money company is to use a comparison service. This service is totally free and 100% transparent. According to your criteria, the platform will show you the best companies to send your money internationally. Once your choice made, you will have to follow a short process such as choosing your payment method.

And here it is! You see, send money abroad it’s easy !