Best apps to send money abroad

Name anything today, you can almost be sure that there is an app for this. Good news for us, there are many apps that enable you to send money abroad. We have reviewed them for you and selected the best ones.


Best bank apps to send money abroad

Vemno: Probably the most popular app to send money abroad. So popular that there is even an expression for sending money via Vemno: “Vemno me!” Sending or receiving money has never been so easy with Vemno. You just need the recipient email or phone number. Note that if you use credit cards you’ll be charged 3%. The app automatically integrates your Facebook friends and phone contacts;

Bank of America (for US residents): Not only this app looks great but it also helps you save time when you need to send money abroad. Indeed thanks to the app you do not need to go to a branch anymore to make a transfer. The allows you to send money to anyone (non-customers as well) in a very secure way.

Best MTO apps to send money abroad


Transferwise is a peer-to-peer money transfer operator. It’s been created by one of Skype’s co-founder and is backed by Richard Branson himself. They charge very low fees on each transfer and claim to be 90% cheaper than any bank. The app lets you know how much money you saved using their service instead of your bank and is very easy to use. Note however that you will be restricted to send money abroad to Europe, USA and India.

World Remit

World Remit app is great in the sense that it allows you to send money abroad in many countries. They offer 110 destination and several ways to receive a transfer: mobile wallet, cash pick-up or bank account. The app is pleasant to use and secured by Norton, so pretty safe. It is a perfect choice for migrant workers.

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