why should we send money to UK after Theresa May’s article 50?

Theresa May’s article 50 is officializing the Brexit. England is going out of the Europe. It also means that UK is going to be financially weaker. Therefore making money transfers to UK is going to make sense. I’m not speaking about gambling because the goal is not to. The goal is about investing money where it’s the most interesting. And investing money in countries which are rich but have a weaker currency is a very good opportunity. It’s becoming an opportunity to invest in the UK.

Theresa May’s article 50 is going to make the GBP weaker.

The GBP is going to be weaker that’s why we will have advantages in sending money to the Uk. When I say we I’m not talking about Brits but more effectively about Europeans or even internationals all over the World but in the UK. Indeed the GBP has never been weaker than currently. It results in more investments in London and English cities, among others.

So the exchange rates are going to not be in Brits’ favour. And the pound is going to be less powerful than in the past. Therefore the wealth of English people is going to be lower, resulting in changing the power relationship between Europeans and British people. Especially when I’m talking about Spain, South of France and Portugal…


For which reasons are we going to send money to the UK in the future?

There are many reasons to transfer our money (Euros or dollars) in the UK in the future. First because the economy is a good one and the government is (quite) smart. Second because there are those financial markets based in London that have a good ROI. Third because we might want to invest our money in the UK by basically both betting that UK is going to re-gain power over time and buying houses and goods there, profiting from a better Euro/Dollar.

On top of that, it might be smart for a Brit to go work in the US and send money back to UK on a regular basis. The increase in salary is going to be added to the increase in the exchange rate. Smart choice. A lot of money for opportunistic guys.

I’m sorry about the fact that Brits are going to be less rich compared to the rest of the world. On the other hand they are going to stay quite wealthy compared to so many countries that we shouldn’t complain. Theresa May’s article is going to make people change in their international behaviors but not on the daily life in the UK. Peace in mind.