Send money to France at a great rate in 3 easy steps


There are more than 2 million French people living outside France. And there are more than 5 million foreigners living in France. It results in a huge need to send money abroad. Transferring money to France is not easy but there is a simple method to do it.


How to send money to France at a great rate in 3 easy steps?

  1. Analyse the exchange rate evolution (or get exchange rate notifications)
  2. Compare the best options to send money to France
  3. Make your transfer in a few minutes using the solution you chose

Here are the details.

1st step: analyse the exchange rate evolution before transferring money to France

Analysing the exchange rate is important because there are times when you can earn money and others when you can lose some. Sometimes it can make a huge difference depending on the percentage of recent exchange rates evolution. It’s efficient to look for an exchange rate notifications service because you won’t have to watch the exchange rates every 5 minutes during the day. It’s the first step.

2nd step: compare the best options to remit money to France

The second step is to simply make a comparison before using any service. Services sending money to France are numerous and apply very different exchange rates. There are more than 120 operators remitting money to France and they apply different fees. Banks are the most expensive. Brokers are efficient for big amounts but some of them are not. Online money transfer operators are good but they change their rates every hour. As a result we need to compare each time we want to make a transfer so that we get the best exchange rate for Euros.

So, first we need to watch the exchange rates and when there is a good opportunity we need to compare the best exchange rate providers.

3rd step: make your transfer to France

Once you did the first 2 steps there is only one thing missing. Choosing the option you prefer. Some of them allow to make online payments via credit/debit cards and others allow only bank wires. As a result the easiest way to send money to France is to compare the payment options and choose the solution you prefer. Then you just need to tell who is the beneficiary and make a payment.

Each time you need to send money to France it is wise to watch the exchange rate or get exchange rate notifications so that you do the transfer at the right time. Then you should compare the best solutions because none is the best all the time and their rates change every hour. Finally you do easily a transfer using a solution.

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